Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Course Reflection

I'm glad I took this class because my other spanish literature class was hell. This class had interesting reading material and when we connected it with magical realism it gave the stories another way of analyzing them. I think in general we had enough time to read each of the books, except I felt that cien anos de soledad was rushed a bit. I wish we had more time to analyze other parts of the story for example, the role of women and sexuality would have been really interesting. The blogs helped alot because I could see what other students thoughts were and that helped me understand other points. Class discussions were great and I liked the board writing parts haha. Each class was different and not boring, thank god, unlike my other spanish lit class. Indirectly Jon had a the perfect way of forcing the students to read which I liked because if it weren't for the blogs I would not have read anything. I really enjoyed Cien Anos de Soledad and am looking forward to writing my essay on it.


  1. Ooooo, yes, I agree! Looking at the role of women in Cien años de soledad would have been an awesome topic! Perhaps cause for a Women in Spanish Literature class?? ;)

  2. OH ShiMA!
    u have somehow managed to mention something about sex/sexuality in ur blog.
    But I agree that would have been interesting....also because the other works seem to be missing the female side...there arent as many female characters in the other works we read...were there?

  3. Hi Shima,

    Yes, there were definitely some sections that were left out but afterall we could have studied one work for the entire term because there are so many things that can potentially be discussed about a book! So in the end I am gald we still got through quite a few important reads. Classes were definitely not boring, I agree!